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Modular Professionals Can Give You A Spectacular Bungalow Addition

The family home is an essential part of your life and comfort. Yet as your family grows and your life alters, it may be essential to reconsider the space you are living in. Often times, people immediately think about moving to a larger house. But moving can be a major inconvenience, not to mention very expensive. When one makes the decision to move to a larger home, they sometimes forget to take into consideration realtor fees and the fact that their own home may need work before they can put it up for sale.
Modular can help you expand your home in the most convenient way possible. Contact their professional contractors and see how they can drastically increase the square footage of your bungalow. You can choose to expand your living room, kitchen or bedrooms by 700, 800, 900 or 1000 square feet. You can also select to add a second storey to your bungalow. Modular specializes in minimizing the construction process by building beautiful and stylish staircases. An original staircase is a great way to make a decorative statement.
Modular believes in making your home renovations as stress free and convenient as possible. We aim to be a "one stop” shopping experience for our clients. We begin by using our updated technological software to provide the most accurate estimates available. Modular will then work closely with you to determine the results you want and help your vision fit in with your budget. We will obtain all the permits and can even help arrange financing for your project.
Once your budget is determined, you can select the finishes for your bungalow addition right from our showroom. We offer a wide selection of paint colors and flooring. Modular believes it is important for us to know exactly how you want the finished product to look so we can ensure full customer satisfaction.
The entire Modular process is arranged to decrease disruption to your daily life while still completing the addition as quickly as possible. After you have selected your design, it is fabricated offsite in one of our factories. As sixty percent of the construction occurs offsite, you and your family are spared the inconvenience of dust, chaos and noise. You can also remain living in your house while the construction is going on. Once the addition is fabricated, Modular will install your new living space within a few hours. The next day roof shingles are applied and the finishing touches are ready to be added to the interior of your home.

While our bungalow additions are high quality constructions, we want to guarantee your satisfaction with our product. This is why we offer after a special warranty program combined with an after sale customer guarantee. As your addition is built offsite, it is possible for us to help you with your renovations throughout the year. It is not necessary to wait for certain seasons due to our climate controlled construction process. Call Modular and learn how easy it is to transform your home.
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